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Custom Design-Picture bouncy ball

Model: Picture bouncing ball
Name: Custom Design-Picture bouncy ball
Specs: 27mm,32mm,35mm,38mm,41mm,45mm,49mm,54mm,60mm

Custom Design Bouncing balls:

There are many different kinds of#160;Custom Design Bouncy balls#160;we can make.

1.#160;Full Transparent Picture bouncing balls: A transparent ball with a double side printed paper picture card inside, double side printed (same/different picture both ok).

2.#160;Half Transparent Picture bouncing balls: It is also ok to make the picture ball half transparent with picture inside and another half solid color/multicolor.

3.#160;Printed Bouncing balls: cusotmer can print their logo, company name or web or even other image they like on the surface of the ball. One/two/there even more colors and more positions printing available.

4.3D Figurine balls: a plain or 3D figurine inside.

Available sizes: 27mm, 32mm, 35mm, 45mm, 49mm, 54mm, 60mm.

Best for patent items(like Disney/Waner/Marvel....)which are very popular in the market, and also best for promotion(with company name or logo), we have helped hundreds customers promoting their products successfully.

E-mail#160;us now to custom make your own bouncing balls.

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